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People and their shoes… | September 23, 2009

The 5 questions I wrote down to ask people about their shoes were:

1. How long have you owned these shoes?

2. In what way have these shoes lived up to you expectations?

3. In what way have they not?

4. If these shoes cost twice as much as you paid for them, would you still have bought them?

5. How many pairs of shoes do you own?

Once in our groups we compiled our answers, although once we started asking the general public about their shoes our question asking lost its structure and we ended up engaging in a conversation about their shoes more than asking set questions.

Example 1:


This man had very wide feet, and as a result bought whatever shoe he could find that fits.

For him, the way the shoe looks is ‘irrelevant’.

Due to wide feet, this man is prepared to go all the way to Reading as he knows there is a good shop there for those with wide feet.

Person 2:


She bought these shoes as they looked nice, however, they have let her down as they aren’t very comfortable.

Despite looking very new, these shoes were 2 years old. She hardly ever wears them due to them being so uncomfortable.

Only wore them today as she felt she had no other options.

Would not consider buying the same shoe again.


From the time we spent interviewing, I learned that people’s interest in their shoes differs considerably. Some people could happily talk non stop, whereas some only had about 2 or 3 things to say. Despite having written set questions, this way of interviewing felt stale and too impersonal, and I think our interviewees could feel that. As a result, we ended up ditching set questions. This was more natural and easier to do, however this meant our data was impossible to turn into statistics, and it made finding pattterns harder.

If I was to do this again I would attempt to spend some more time finding a strong set of questions to ask that would interest the interviewees and also provide us with the opportunity to pick up some patterns from the answers.


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  1. Wonder why you chose the same two shoes I did?

    Comment by cnualart — September 29, 2009 @ 12:06

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