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reflections 25/09 | September 30, 2009

With 6.77 billion people on the planet I don’t really believe I am unique, more just a combination of factors so many other people possess. But maybe in this group of 35 I am unique in some way… All I have is my creativity, and I hope it’s a powerful tool. I also believe that I am quite adaptable, and can successfully apply myself to stuff that I may not have attempted before. I believe in making progress, not hanging on to pointless traditions… apart from maybe the royal family… and I think technology has a huge role to play in that. I strongly support non physical products. We are already using far too many resources making ‘stuff’ and I think its time to move our economies into being more service based, i think its the only way we can continue to have economic growth and not destroy the planet. We have so many huge challenges to face and I believe to tackle these we need to make changes that can be adopted by the mainstream. However, realistically, I doubt we could achieve anything as massive as this during MACE so I would rather have some fun with some crazy creative ideas that can make peoples lives a bit easier, a bit more fun, again, with the potential for mass adoption.


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Joe Peach is an Artist and Designer based in London, UK. At present, he is studying Sustainable Communities and the Creative Economy at Postgraduate level in Kingston University.







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