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Competition | October 15, 2009

Our research has shown us that the news information market is highly saturated, and competition is fierce.

We hope to differentiate ourselves through creating a product with a unique focus on newspapers and magazines rather than the actual news, however, these news providers are still our competition:

Newstand: An iPhone application that pulls in content from your RSS feeds and displays them in a newspaper style.

Newsmap: An online news service that uses Google news results and displays them in colour-coded and size-coded sections

Newsagents: Though we would ideally like to work with a large newsagent firm, they could also be considered our competition if we fail to partner with them.

Online Magazine subscription companies: They have a large database of magazines, and even though they arent updated in real time, they offer a similar service to what we plan.

iGoogle and RSS: these service enable people to customise the news they view. The problem for us would be if customers were happy enough with this level of news interaction to not be interested in our product.


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