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Viewpoints | October 23, 2009

We are T-shaped, and we each represent a different part of the T. We come from a broad range of backgrounds, and our differences give us added strength.

It’s interesting to see the different ways we enjoy working. Coming from an arts background, I like to have faith in the creativity to guide us. I try not to worry too much about specific deadlines as I believe that truly innovative ideas shouldn’t be rushed. Having said that, I am aware that there are deadlines and I am trying to find a balance between putting my faith in the creativity, and ticking all the neccesary boxes. I don’t think I have found that balance just yet.

Similarly, Ben also believes that good ideas should be allowed to evolve at their natural pace, and jumping into an idea before it has been fully explored is not something he supports. Ben has significantly more real-world experience than the rest of the team which gives his opinions an added credibility. However, I believe that sometimes it is neccesary to go into things a bit blindly (and let the creativity guide you bla bla bla… clearlyI have not found the balance just yet.)

Sam’s background is in industrial design and engineering, and his ideas are very much in the real world. This is a great element to the team and a big help in keeping the team grounded and our ideas realistic. He is very aware of real human needs and interactions, something that is really valuable considering the area we are heading into.

Mikaela is from an advertising/PR background, and her fast paced way of working mirrors her background. She is much more willing to go head first into an idea and likes to work at a pace slightly faster than comfortable to some of us. The great thing about this is it acts as a reminder that we do have deadlines, and we do need to get our product or service out there into the real world as soon as we can really!

The great thing about working as T-shaped is that we all see things differently. We are comfortable working together and unafraid of challenging each other’s ideas and attitudes. We are all united by a genuine desire to make a good product and to learn about the area we have chosen to work in and hopefully this, combined with our individual skills and team dynamic, will allow T-shaped to be a success.


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