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Storytelling and Personas | October 26, 2009

I would have given a pound to save that bear for sure, but not a fiver. Nature’s cruel, and I hate that, but I’ve just spent a fortune on the Season 5 box set of Lost and I need to be keeping my fivers to myself.

But it definitely showed me the power of a good story. People connect through emotions, so emoting a product is a great way of getting customers attached to it. As our work evolves in T-shaped, I’m going to try and think about how I can apply storytelling to the ideas to encourage adoption of our eventual product.

This weeks class also confirmed to me that I have no reason to worry about the progress of our project just yet. It would be unnatural to not develop an idea when you are genuinely interested in it, but at the same time, there is clearly no need to be running away with finalised ideas just yet.

Thinking about analogous situations for the team made me really think about the core of our ideas, What is the basic idea behind what we are trying to do? What other framework already exist that we can apply to our ideas? Speed dating the news? I LIKE THAT.

Thinking about Personas made me realise I need to connect with the people who are going to use the product. Whoever, they might be. I’m happy to create fictional personas with the team, but also want to watch those genuine personas interact with our product area. With this in mind I have lined up a meeting in the next couple of weeks with a high powered gentleman in a very relevant area to our product ideas. more on that when it happens!


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