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Personas and T-shaped | October 29, 2009

Working with personas this week has proved really interesting. Despite remaining open-minded to the direction our work may go in, we know what our area of interest is right now, and with that in mind we all set out individually to observe the general public interacting with newspapers and magazines at a variety of locations.

Watching people was a bit weird, you seem to spend the whole time wondering if they have realised you are watching them, but regardless of that, it is easy to make observations and see patterns emerging.

After compiling our results on our team blog it was clear that people interact differently with newspapers and magazines depending on who they are and where they are. Basically, the potential interactions are limitless, which  could be a bit overwhelming. Is there room for a specific product in an area with few limits? Our focus is becoming increasingly refined and clear, and I also think our ideas are getting stronger as we realise the potential it has. However, I think it is clear that whatever stage we are at, we always need to remember that the idea can continue to evolve.

After compiling our research on the blog we saw a few personas emerging and we met up in kingston to act out these personas for real for the flip cam. This was quite fun, big thanks to the wonderful newsagent who let us use his shop! The video is up on

Another great development this week was the purchase of our professional website. Soon all our blog posts will go from there, but right now we’re all a bit confused by it…


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