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Expanding ideas – Reflections on last weeks class | November 1, 2009

Regular blogging has obviously become a very natural thing. Whilst attempting to expand the concepts behind our teams ideas last Friday, my first thought was ‘this will make a really good blog post!’ I might be completely wrong tho, it might be a terrible blog post but let’s get stuck in anyway.

It was interesting to consider that our product is basically based around ‘a source of information’. Even though i suppose many teams could sum up their ideas in this way, I feel like this simple concept will help me see new ways of interpreting our ideas that I may not have considered without thinking in this way. For example, a conversation is an exchange  of information, does this mean there are conversational concepts that could be incorporated into our ideas?

Thinking about the natural spread of information before technology got me thinking about word of mouth. When there was no TV, no newspapers, it took decades for information to spread across continents, now it literally takes seconds. No one would want to go back to word of mouth as sole communication, but are there ideas in this area that could improve our product even further?

It’s clear that this method of analysis has potential for new thoughts, whether these new thoughts can create genuinely new and relevant ideas remains to be seen on how we apply this method within our team, but I am hopeful.

When we talked about prototyping, it became clear to me that our team has been doing this quite a bit already. I disagree with Corrine when she said that sketching is one step further than prototyping, as whether you use a pencil, cut up bits of paper or role play, this is all basically sketching, and therefore all basically prototyping. The methods of research we have used in the past few weeks have covered many prototyping areas, but we haven’t done much play type prototyping. I must admit, I am doubtful as to whether it is a better way of working, but I definitely agree with the suggestion that peoples interactions with paper based prototyping allow for a purer reaction based on the concepts behind the idea rather than the visual effects on display.


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