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Dragons Den | December 5, 2009

This Fridays class was super fun. Pitching to our Dragons was no way near as scary as I anticipated, in fact, it was actually very enjoyable!

We tried to get across the most important info in our pitch, but also have some fun and make it enjoyable for our audience. At this stage, I think it’s pretty clear that Tshaped are having a great time creating our product Hold the Front Pages and pushing it as far as we possibly can, and based on the 2 million pledged to our business it seems people like what we’ve done so far!

It was great to hear people’s feedback on the logo. We have done so many ideas that it has been hard to judge what is the best, so to hear what people had to say about our ideas was really valuable in choosing the final logo. As well as talking to people in class, we have also requested feedback from family members and friends to get a range of backgrounds involved in our feedback.

Things are getting serious now, with our next step being interacting with the newspapers to get the service running. Its exciting but also very scary to be at this stage.


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