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Bright Ideas success! | February 27, 2010

Well, we were runners up at the Bright Ideas awards! The monies sure will come in handy, and it means we can actually pay to get our website built immediately! Sure, the grand would have been lovely, and we kind of felt like we could have got that, but no complaints at all with the runners up position! Yay! This has certainly reenergised my interest in our project, and this has been a very busy week re-contacting all the yesses and getting them to send the pages to us, and building a pitch for rent a coder to find someone to build the website. We’ve also created twitter and facebook profiles for Hold the Front Pages, and whilst the website is being built we shall  be test running the project through these forums to try out ideas and just see what happens!

Unfortunately, whilst I am super enjoying Hold the Front Pages, uni is becoming increasingly frustrating and unrewarding. I think this is probably magnified for me as being a part time student I have yet to start my specialism. As much as I am enjoying the Creative Economy and finding it valuable, the main reason I am doing this MA is my specialism, and it hasn’t even begun. And in the Creative Economy part, everything seems to be stuck on teamwork and pitching, teamwork and pitching, teamwork and pitching. Surely there is more to the Creative Economy than just that? The leadership and the creative economy section by Miguel was beyond terrible thanks to his unforgivably bad teaching ‘style’, and spending lectures discussing ‘what is creativity’ seems completely out of place. We’re all postgraduate students on a creative course, and we all have backgrounds in creativity in one way or another and have had these discussions numerous times in the past.

I want to learn some STUFF. By stuff I mean facts, data, theories, actual real read-it-in-a-book stuff. I don’t want this to be the whole course, but a portion of it would be nice.

Anyways, Bright Ideas yay!


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Joe Peach is an Artist and Designer based in London, UK. At present, he is studying Sustainable Communities and the Creative Economy at Postgraduate level in Kingston University.







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